Play Games, Win Prizes on Tap Rivals

Yesterday’s arcades offered players something that has been lost in today’s ecosystem: Real Rewards.  Social gaming is the contemporary arcade, but its missing one of the greatest elements of old-school arcades: Prizes. Our new platform expands on our original core value proposition to fill this massive hole in contemporary social gaming.

Lather, rinse, die, repeat

You must keep little Giblet alive by guiding him away from falling dangers, including anvils, lightning bolts and even udderly confused cows!  Guide our hero with care—if he even gets grazed by one of those objects of danger, he’ll be smashed to smithereens, disintegrated into a pile of ash, or worse!  Oops! You Died starts a new era of arcade gameplay with nostalgic cartoon-inspired graphics and breathless fun for all ages. It’s completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. Make way for a rain of destruction on poor little Giblet!

Collect coins and buy spectacular powerups!
Stay alive and level-up to increase your odds of success!
Watch Giblet die in new and exciting ways!