Who we are

Signal Zero is an entertainment software and technology company founded in 2016. We specialize in rewarding gamers that perform well with cash or equivalent prizes.  Our platform serves as basis for our 1st party games and also 3rd party developers and publishers.

What we’re up to

Esports and mobile platforms have provided an unprecedented opportunity for Brands to promote themselves to a massive, engaged audience around the world. Our team is currently focused on providing gamers with real prizes and rewards every day.

The organization’s roots in advertising technology serve as a foundation to our prize platform that includes insights and analytics, attribution, advertising mediation, loss prevention capabilities and more.  Because of this we have insight and utility not available on third-party platforms and allow us to keep our data proprietary.

This renders down into our approach; we relate to the market better than most companies in the space which allows us to acquire more engaged players and distribute to audiences at scale.